One of the great innovations to come along in this area is synthetic urine. Simply put, synthetic urine is what it sounds like: A product that it is chemically engineered to closely resemble the actual composition of urine, specifically the urine found in the body. Its primary applications are in the evaluation of drug tests, calibration of medical laboratory tests for urine analysis, and fooling certain drug tests by successfully passing as an “empty” urine sample which does not contain any drug-based metabolite. Unfortunately, there are some serious limitations to using these products. Namely, they have yet to prove themselves beyond a reasonable doubt in clinical use.

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This is despite the fact that many large and well known medical facilities have been applying these products for decades. With that said, the FDA has only recently approved two specific synthetic urine products (both based on Knockout and R&D Motion) to be used for the purpose of non-clinical drug testing in clinical settings. Since the FDA has not yet approved any other products, anyone who is interested in trying one of these products must do so with extreme caution.

Now, that may sound really scary. Nevertheless, even with the FDA approvals, the best synthetic urine still has some major shortcomings. In fact, I would say that this product is pretty much a hit or miss. However, there are a few key reasons why using them is almost impossible:

Number one: The testing procedure just isn’t very scientific. While some companies try to stretch the definition of a “purer” sample by adding dyes, they often fail to account for the fact that humans are rather messy. As such, a test which relies on randomly mixing the samples is unlikely to produce very accurate results. It is for this reason that many medical facilities rely on lab coatings (which are typically red in color) in order to more easily detect contaminants and/or any abnormalities within the samples.

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Number two: Most prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drug tests are also performed using sodium chloride. Sodium chloride solutions are not only cheap but also readily available. Unfortunately, this solution presents a serious disadvantage when it comes to using synthetic urine; because sodium chloride readily decomposes into sodium ions, the test can be rendered invalid by any change in the surrounding environment. This includes temperature, humidity, lighting and anything else which can substantially alter the concentration level of sodium chloride in the urine. This makes using sodium chloride in any situation where drug testing is required extremely risky.

Number three: There are currently no approved, long term, safe, reliable, non-toxic alternatives to the commonly used urinary metabolite tests (such as the NIAAA) for detecting and measuring blood alcohol concentrations in drivers. While the use synthetic urine as a blood alcohol analyzer does have one major advantage – it doesn’t require the expensive, time consuming and potentially harmful process of sample preparation. However, the lack of reliability of these tests makes them less than optimal for medical or legal situations in which accurate results must be immediately critical. For this reason, any use of these automated analyzers should be limited to cases where there is a real, practical need for fast and accurate results.

Number four: Despite the fact that many hospitals, law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories, and clinical trials utilize the NIAAA’s and FDA’s tests, the accuracy of their results has been called into question on numerous occasions. Because the clinical trials are conducted on small, healthy volunteers who do not have the capacity to demonstrate significant, debilitating side effects, the test results often cannot accurately reflect the real consequences of illegal drug use. For this reason, even in cases where illegal drug use has been demonstrated through testing conducted on healthy volunteers, drug labs to test their samples with synthetic urine instead of the more sensitive, less expensive, and scientifically validated human drug testing supplies.

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Number five: Across the board, the most widely used laboratory tests which use synthetic urine are relatively inaccurate. These range from determining the concentration of a specific drug in the urine to measuring and monitoring changes in the sex hormone testosterone levels of patients. While the inaccuracy of these tests makes them notoriously inconvenient for legal situations and medical situations, they are also incredibly detrimental to many individuals. Synthetic urine has been shown in studies to be highly favorable toward many prescription medications. This means that if you are ever prescribed an expensive, over-the-counter medication, chances are good that your doctor will recommend a synthetic version of the drug, which could mean a huge waste of both time and potentially money.

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Going to the dog track is a great experience, there is just something about that track that sets it apart from any other experience that I can think of. The experience will always leave a smile on my face, but in the last few years I have lost count of the amount of times I have run into some nasty situations that would not have been avoided if I had used a good synthetic urine kit. No problem, I am here to help, and I am going to show you how to choose the best synthetic urine kit. Okay, let’s get started.

Good synthetic urine kits should have a temperature gauge to determine and maintain your sample temperature at all times. It is designed by top scientists, but that does not mean that it should not be easy to use. The kit should have a box that is labeled with your sample testing date. It is probably wise to place the temperature strip somewhere that you will not get in contact with your clothing, so you do not get confused with your clothes getting mixed up with the sample.

Most urine drug tests have a strip for you to put the temperature and also a collection cup that you have to use the thermometer in. There is also an analyzer that will spit out the metabolisms of the drugs found in your urine. The analyzers are updated and are constantly being studied to find more effective ways to test for the same pollutants.

Most tests use two testing methods, and the more common one is known as the sub-solution method. The temperature strip is placed on the tray, and then the sample of your urine is collected by the insert. The analyzer will give you the results, which will usually be in meters/liters. Some strips and some analyzers require more than one shot, while some only need one shot. It is a good idea to read the instructions on the bottle before you run the analyzer to ensure that your particular strip or analyzer will work correctly. Some analyzers may even come with reagents to test for more than one type of metabolite.

Another popular option is the quick test strip. It has two heating pads with a small glass ampoule underneath them that warm up and mix the sample. Then all you have to do is put the strip in the ampoule and hold it over the heat source for an appropriate amount of time. Generally, it takes around twenty minutes to perform this test. The main advantage to this type of kit is that it can be used many times to monitor your drug test. However, it has a shorter shelf life than most of the other options.

There is also a product called Human Urine Testing Formula that you can purchase for these types of tests. This is basically a powdered form of human urine that you can mix together with water. A variety of different products are available for this type of formula. You can purchase it as a single sample for less than a hundred dollars, or you can buy a larger quantity for a number of dollars more.

Synthetic urine tests that use a quick-acting agent to draw out the drug are also popular, and they work fast. These kits generally take a couple hours to analyze a single sample, depending on what the substance is. These products are great for quick drug tests for those who are out of town or in another state that requires a quick screening. You can also get kits that look like candy to act as a positive for drugs with no sweetening, but don’t expect it to be accurate.

When you purchase a synthetic urine or drug test, you should know that there is nothing more accurate than doing a direct swab test with a home penile swab. You can purchase a small amount of urine from the patient and then collect a larger amount of sample with a swab at home. The amount of drug or alcohol that will show up in the sample will be exactly as the urine sample looked in the lab. This is perfect if you are trying to do research on the patient, or if you want to make sure that nothing was added before the test.