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There are a lot of people out there who are selling BS to pass basially every type of drug test you can think of. What we are doing is testing every product out there that we mention and give our honest opinions about them. Each of them require a lot of work to get done but we know that it’s worth it in the end.

We do not endorse any illegal activity or any use of drugs whatsoever. Any of the tests mentioned in the website should only be self-administered tests and not used to pass drug tests for other people. Please not that any products mentioned should not be purchased if it is illegal in your state. Please note that information on this website is provided solely for entertainment purpose on “as is” basis. Since all the information is only our subjective persona experience, it can’t be considered a legal or medical advise. This is important because we want to set expectations for all of our members.

Our chief writer and editor is Jalon Will.

Jalon has been passing drug tests himself for years. The many experiences he’s has with all sorts of drug tests has given him an edge that most people don’t get. The processes he uses to get by will inevitably enhance anyone’s experience when taking a self administered test. He enjoys kayaking, going outdoors and is an amateur water polo player. You can contact him at jalon@passadrugtest.buzz or contact him here.